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Are you looking for a dependable lawn or tree care company in Lexington, KY? For the most professional lawn and tree service in your city, contact Trimmasters Lawn & Tree. Our company has been catering to the tree and lawn-related needs of our clients since 1987. With substantial experience in the business, we are certain that there is no task that falls within our sphere of competence that we cannot complete.

Regardless of the type of lawn

Regardless of the type of lawn or tree service you need done, Trimmasters Lawn & Tree can deliver it. The specialists at our Lexington, KY tree care company are expert in different lawn and tree procedures. Here are some of the services that our tree company specializes in.

Tree Trimming

Sunburst in woods

Tree trimming is also called tree cutting. These terms refer to the procedure of cutting tree branches, or certain portions of them. There are several reasons why this is done. Let’s start with the most important one of them – safety. Decayed, dead or overgrown tree branches are more likely to fall and injure people, as well as damage property. Even if the tree limbs are healthy, they can also be unwanted, if they interfere with utilities and structures or stand in the way of streets and sidewalks. Branches are also cut for the purpose of improved light penetration.

Another reason

Another reason for tree cutting is better tree health. A single decayed or insect-infested branch can cause the contamination of the entire tree. This is why such branches have to be removed. Tree branches are also cut for better appearance of the tree. If a tree is trimmed to enhance its beauty, only the outer parts of the branches are cut, as well as newly-grown leaves. When tree branches are cut for safety and improved tree health, the procedure can be likened to an operation. When it is done for aesthetic reasons, tree trimming can be compared to a haircut.

Branch cutting should be approached with the greatest seriousness and professionalism. It has to be done correctly, otherwise the tree may be killed or badly wounded. At Trimmasters Lawn & Tree, in Lexington, KY, we know how to handle trees without hurting them. In our skilled and experienced hands, your tree will suffer no damage.

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Tree Removal Service

Forest road in autumn morningThe reasons for a tree removal service are not much different from those for removing single branches. A dead tree poses a risk to the safety of people and structures, as it is more likely to fall. A sick tree that is beyond salvation can spread its disease to other trees. Living trees become undesirable when they take up space that you want to use for other purposes, like, for example construction or a new landscape design.

Removing a tree

Removing a tree is definitely something that you should not do by yourself, or even with the help of friends. This is a dangerous task that is best left to good professionals like us. We have the skills, the experience and the equipment to remove a tree safely, fast and without any hassle.

Lawn Services

You can always rely on us for a neat and healthy lawn. We provide a variety of lawn services such as mowing, aeration and leaf removal. Our tree company can also help you with your landscape design or the mulching around trees and flower beds. All procedures are performed expertly and guarantee that your lawn will thrive.

by Craig An. on Trimmasters Lawn & Tree

We have a beautiful tree in our front yard, but apparently the branches reached a dangerously close distance from our roof. So we had to call a tree contractor. I am really glad we choose Trimmasters Lawn & Tree, they did a great job. I highly recommend them.

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For our team of excellently trained and very experienced specialists, there are no tree, lawn or landscape tasks that are too challenging. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Just call us at (859) 402-1307, and you will get the help that you need with your trees and lawn.